Development of the plan

Responsibility for the planning process 

The department’s Workforce Development team has oversight of the development and review of the plan and its implementation. The Equity and Diversity Panel (formerly the Equity and Diversity Reference Group) provides input and supports the delivery of the plan across the entire agency. 

Consultation and communication process 

Feedback on the draft plan was sought internally from the department’s then Equity and Diversity Reference Group, Corporate Executive and the wider staff body, and externally from the Department of Communities (Disability Services Commission), various disability organisations and the general public via advertising in The West Australian newspaper and on the department’s website. Both internal and external consultation processes included the collection of data by way of online surveys. 

Monitoring the implementation process 


The department will review the plan every five years in accordance with the Disability Services Act 1993. A progress report will be made on 30 June of each interim year in which the department will document outcomes of the annual implementation plan against the seven outcomes of the plan. 
In addition, the department is committed to reporting key achievements to support and enhance access and inclusion for people with disability in the department’s annual report. 


Implementation of the plan is the responsibility of all directorates. 
The Workforce Development team guides the overall implementation of the plan, which identifies the: 

  • broad strategy that the individual tasks support
  • individual tasks being undertaken
  • directorates responsible for completing individual tasks.


The plan is available to all department employees and members of the Western Australian community, including people with disability, and their families and carers. The documents are available on the public website at and the department’s intranet. 

A public notice in The West Australian Newspaper informed the community of the plan’s release and its availability in alternative formats upon request, including in standard and large print, Braille, electronic format by email, and in audio format on CD. 

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