Clean Energy Future Fund - Questions and Answers

If you have questions regarding the grant program, you can direct them to For fairness reasons, all questions and responses that provide additional information to applicants will be published here. Questions may be combined or edited for clarity or to protect the identity of the sender. If you have subscribed for email updates, you will be notified of new answers posted. If you haven’t subscribed, you should check back regularly.

 Question  Answer
Will I receive the entire amount of funding I have  requested if I my application is successful? The Panel may offer less funding than the amount sought by an applicant and may attach conditions or requirements to any funding offer.
Can my project run for more than one year? Yes, projects must complete within 5 years of starting.
In section 3.3.1 of the applicant guidelines applicant eligibility criterion 1 excludes unincorporated entities, and lists examples including a partnership. If a partner helps with my project does this exclude it? A partnership as a formal company structure is not eligible, as it is not an incorporated company under the Corporations Act. A partnership as an arrangement between two businesses to work together on a project may be acceptable.