Securing Perth’s water future
Gnangara groundwater system

The Gnangara groundwater system is a crucial, shared water source for Perth, supplying nearly half of Perth’s scheme water and most self-supplied water north of the Swan River.

This includes water for parks, gardens and sporting grounds; domestic garden bores; the Swan Valley tourism precinct; and fresh produce from Wanneroo and Gingin. Many environmental features also depend on Gnangara groundwater – such as lakes, wetlands and unique vegetation.

In 2017–18, the department continued work on the next Gnangara groundwater allocation plan. We undertook comprehensive scientific assessments and consulted with the main water use sectors, including public water supply, public open space and horticulture.

In May 2018, we launched our Gnangara groundwater website and released Our groundwater future in Perth: Securing Gnangara groundwater and adapting to climate change. Both of these explain why a new plan is a necessary response to climate change, and keep our licence holders in the Gnangara system and other interested stakeholders informed.

The Gnangara groundwater areas allocation plan, released in 2009, was a significant step in adjusting how we manage groundwater in the context of climate change. However, high groundwater use and lower rainfall have reduced recharge to groundwater and altered the system’s water balance. Our goal is to rebalance the system by 2030 to secure Perth’s largest, most accessible and economically viable water source to support a healthy and liveable environment for the people of Perth. The next Gnangara groundwater allocation plan will be released for public comment in late 2018.

Download Annual report 2017-18 (PDF 4.34 MB)