Increase in proposals received a good sign for WA

EPA assessments on the rise

A leading indicator of a recovering economy is the number of significant proposals requiring assessment by the EPA, which has markedly increased since the last financial year.

Not only has 2017–18 seen a rise in the number of referrals requiring formal assessment, but also an increase in the complexity and diversity of the proposals requiring assessment.

The increase in complexity and variety reflects the current diversity and innovation in the Western Australian economy. The map shows the location of the proposals where a formal level of assessment was set during 2017–18.

Location of referrals given a formal level of assessment

During 2017–18, applications to change Ministerial‑approved proposals and conditions increased 20 per cent compared with 2016–17. The overall active assessment workload has increased from approximately 140 assessments in 2015–16 to more than 220 assessments in 2017–18. 

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