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We will increase Indigenous engagement and participation in water resource management

24 Work with Noongar people to scope how they would like to be engaged in delivering waterwise outcomes for Perth and Peel DWER
25 Engage Noongar people to collect Noongar environmental and cultural knowledge for case study localities in Perth, to inform development of a process for Noongar participation in water management planning and design DWER

We will update Government policies to normalise best waterwise practice

26 Initiate a review to consolidate, streamline and improve the suite of water policies, guidance and technical advice to drive waterwise outcomes DWER
27 Consolidate, streamline and improve water-related state planning policy, guidelines and associated processes to strengthen waterwise outcomes at all levels of land use planning DPLH
28 Commence the alignment of water planning, health, recreation and other policies to ensure consistency and reduce red tape DWER

We will undertake detailed water planning in priority areas

29 Deliver integrated water management planning at district, catchment or corridor scale to support land planning and development in priority areas DWER

We will improve information to assist waterwise planning and implementation

30 Explore collaboration with industry, local governments and the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities and other research organisations to extend science and modelling to support water planning and policy DWER
31 Develop a proposal for a data sharing platform to house government and developer water data and spatial information for modelling to increase efficiency DWER