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We will assist Perth households to save water through practical water saving solutions

1 Use the results of the Water Corporation’s H2OME study to design programs and incentives to assist households to reduce scheme water use WC
2 Reduce water consumption in Department of Communities public housing properties through water audits and education to reduce water consumption, lower living costs and increase water knowledge DoC
3 Develop a voluntary residential point of sale Water Rating Scheme so new home-buyers and renters can identify opportunities for water savings DWER
4 Use the results of garden bore studies to design programs to reduce domestic groundwater use DWER

We will increase water savings in new homes

5 Increase building industry compliance with the Water Efficiency LabellingScheme DWER
6 Explore raising water efficiency standards through the National Construction Code for waterwise built form DWER

We will encourage the community to value water by improving water knowledge

7 Initiate a long term education and engagement program. DWER
8 Expand the Waterwise Schools Program to double the number of students participating to 50 000 by 2030 WC
9 Broaden the content of the Waterwise Schools Program to deepen understanding of the total water cycle and Aboriginal cultural connection to water WC
10 Initiate a behaviour change program to encourage a 10% reduction in domestic groundwater use by 2030 DWER