Precinct and Suburb

Action   Lead Agency

We will create more urban green spaces

11 Transform eight drains or basins and surrounding land into living streams and parkland in partnership with local governments WC
12 Increase green space in urban environments through the Waterwise Greening Scheme WC

We will create climate resilient public open space, sporting grounds and recreational venues

13 Invest in infrastructure to support local government and the not for profit sector to improve the water efficiency of aquatic facilities, sports grounds and other community infrastructure DLGSC
14 Review groundwater allocation plans for Gnangara, Cockburn, Perth South and Jandakot and Serpentine to manage groundwater levels for wetlands, urban trees and for irrigation of green spaces DWER
15 Implement an urban forest tree canopy program to plant trees in high urban heat risk areas WC
16 Increase participation in the Waterwise Golf Program to reach another 22 golf courses DWER
17 Extend and enhance the Waterwise Councils program to recognise 100% of councils as Gold by 2030 DWER
18 Work with local governments to overcome barriers to implementing alternative water source schemes DWER
19 Determine feasibility of alternative water supplies for public open space in areas without groundwater available including the north east corridor DWER/WC
20 Assist all Perth and Peel aquatic centres to be recognised as Waterwise by 2030 WC
21 Assist schools, universities and other institutions to reduce groundwater use through a new Waterwise Grounds Program DWER

We will encourage new developments, including those in infill areas, to be more waterwise

22 Government to set clear criteria for classifying ‘good-practice’ waterwise urban development DWER
23 Explore mechanisms to encourage good-practice and innovative waterwise urban development DWER