Register of interest frequently asked questions

How do I become a refund point operator, processor or transporter?

Once a scheme coordinator is appointed, it will run a public tender process to select refund point operators, processors and transporters. Relevant information will be available through the coordinator’s website.

You can subscribe, using a link at the bottom of the main page, to receive email alerts for new information on CDS.

You can also indicate your interest using the CDS register of interest page.

What is the purpose of the CDS register of interest?

The purpose of the public register is to facilitate partnerships between potential participants in the container deposit scheme collection and processing network. Some organisations may not need partners to participate and registration is voluntary.

What is the collection network?

The container deposit scheme will need a network of collection points that accept empty containers for the scheme. The collection points can either provide a 10c refund (refund point) or accept containers as a donation for a charity or community organisation (donation point).

The collection and subsequent processing of containers for recycling consists of several roles, such as donation points, refund points, logistics operators to transport containers and processors who sort and prepare containers for recycling. Typically, each of these roles can have several contributors, examples are provided in the text boxes.

How does the register of interest operate?

The register will be online and accessible via the Register of interest page. Individuals or organisations interested in participating in the collection network can register their details. Information provided on the register is made public, including how the public can contact you. Separate contact details for administrative purposes are required but not published.

Example uses of the register of interest

You operate a shop in the metropolitan area and would like to be a location for a refund point. You put your details on the site and indicate you are seeking to partner with a waste and recycling company to have a reverse vending machine on site with in-store redeemable refund vouchers

You run a community organisation with a significant capacity to collect container donations and would like to link with a refund point who can provide a bulk pick-up service and direct debit payment of refunds. You may also seek assistance with provision of donation cages in return for a guaranteed supply of containers. You put your details on the site and indicate you are seeking to partner with a refund point.

Content of the register of interest

To help potential participants identify what they can offer and what they need from partners, the register provides a list of services or components that might be offered or sought. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and creative partnering will help the partners and the success of the scheme. Other fields are a text field for other information (more detail about what you offer or seek), fields for your geographic area of operation and fields for public contact information (organisation name or phone no or email address or postal address etc.) are provided. The local government area of operation is also requested. A non-published field for the listing owner’s email address is also provided, to allow the register administrator to verify requests to remove the listing.