Partnering with government and industry to deliver better environmental outcomes
Improving biodiversity data sharing

Assessments (IBSA) was launched by the department in May 2018. IBSA is a new whole-of-government initiative led by the department, in collaboration with the Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute, EPA and the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

IBSA’s objective is to capture and consolidate data contained in biodiversity survey reports to support assessments and compliance under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and to provide a platform to make the information publicly available.

Once data has been used for assessment purposes, the department will make basic information for each dataset available online via IBSA. Full participation in IBSA will deliver better environmental outcomes and improved efficiency of assessments for proponents.

Before the implementation of IBSA, an estimated $38 million was spent each year collecting biodiversity data to support environmental assessments under the EP Act, yet the information was not centralised or easily discoverable.

Proponents will now have improved access to information through IBSA, reducing costs and delays associated with poor availability of biodiversity data. IBSA will also enable government, industry and the community to obtain maximum value from existing data, while supporting ongoing strategic planning, decision-making and management.

Download Annual report 2017-18 (PDF 4.34 MB)